Bren Hammersong

Bren is a dwarven cleric of the Raven Queen.


Bren Hammersong is somewhat tall for a dwarf, standing at 4’9". He is solidly built and well muscled. His black hair is pulled back into a pony tail and his beard is separated into several braided strands. He wears magical scale and carries a large mordenkrad hammer. Etched upon the hammer are the runes of his hold and family. The symbol of the Raven Queen is emblazoned on its head. A smaller throwing hammer rests on his belt, and a crossbow is slung over his back. His eyes tell of a wisdom beyond his years and the ease in which he holds his hammer marks him a warrior. Being a cleric of the Raven Queen, Bren knows that death comes for all and is not moved by it. He fights with a calm about him that seems oddly placed amidst the chaos of battle.


Bren Hammersong is a young dwarf from the Hammerfist Holds. He led a typical life in the holds, learning crafts and preparing himself for his vocation. Bren had always intended to learn at the Temple of Moradin. However, during his tour as part of the hold’s militia, his unit came across a small farming settlement in the flatlands just north of the holds. The scene was one of utter destruction, houses were burned, the very land itself scorched. Burial mounds had been raided and the deceased, raised to attack the villagers. Bren’s unit came across the survivors, among them was an armored human with a raven’s head upon his cloak. The man’s name was Talbert, and he was a cleric of the Raven Queen. He had been tracking a band of Orcus worshipers and they had led him here. The surviving dwarf villagers all had tales of how Talbert had saved them from the undead minions of the raiders. Bren took that encounter as a sign for his own future and once his tour of duty was finished, joined the Temple of the Raven Queen to become a warrior against the undead and to become the bane of Orcus.

Bren has recently left the hold to go out into the world, searching for the followers of Orcus and bring the holy wrath of the Raven Queen upon them. He hires himself out for odd jobs for money, which led him to meeting the eladrin wizard Ask. From there, he met Kurdan, a fellow dwarf, and a human named Stanislav. With their help, they have defeated several minions of the undead and other corrupt creatures in the vale.

Magic Item wishlist:
Armor: Plate armor of Meliorating +1, Reflexive Plate +1 or any +2 plate.

Weapon: I’ve decided to go full two-handed weapons, and that means mordenkrad. Vanguard or Medic’s seem appropriate and are both +1 weapons. Also, flaming, frost, or lightning would work.

Holy Symbol: Black Feather of the Raven Queen (lvl 8), symbol of divinity, symbol of perseverance, symbol of battle

Arms: couters of 2nd chances, iron armbands of power

Feet: catstep boots

Hands: gauntlets of ogre power, parry gauntlets

Head: circlet of 2nd chances, helm of opportunity, skull mask

Neck: amulet of physical resolve, brooch of no regrets, brooch of shielding, cloak of distortion, cloak of the chirurgeon, amulet of protection +2

Rings: yeah right :)

Waist: ironskin belt, cincture of the dragon spirit, muleback harness, stalwart belt

Wonderous: Bridle of conjuration, floating lantern, hunter’s flint, power jewel, onyx dog

Bren Hammersong

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