Talons of War

The Nexus sealed, The vents flooded

A somber mood floods the darkness around the only light of the campfire. If only Bren could’ve found a way to lock the control panel, but Tusk had done well to disable its normal function. Kalad died a valiant death, but a death too soon to celebrate. More steam seems to be coming from the vents so our party has moved the horses away to a safe distance to camp. Since meeting Kalad: the party successfully navigated the outer vents (500xp), Killed some freaks and their sergeant (750xp), Got through the gauntlet (1000xp), Eliminated the Dark One Emissary and his cohorts. (1000xp), Took down a Cave Troll (750xp), and left the leader of the advanced patrol, Tusk to die in the flooding vents (1500xp). 5500/5= 1100xp each


Bren speaks up around the campfire after seeing the somber mood of the others. “Take heart my friends that Kalad died for a great purpose. We each will go see the Raven Queen when she wills it. Do not mourn it when the time comes for your friends, and do not fear it when the time comes for you. Take solace in the knowledge that when death comes to any, it is the natural course of things.”

“We have revenged the fallen at the monastery, hopefully sent hundreds if not thousands of orcs to the Raven Queen to meet their judgement, and we have saved the city from being flanked. These great accomplishments are all signs that the Raven Queen has a destiny for each of you. And I feel that she has use for us still.”

Bren lights up a pipe and starts singing a dwarven victory song.


Egad! I admit I didn’t see that Kalad wasn’t behind us coming up the ladder! I thought he said “You go first,” but I also thought he was just going to hold the valves open until the room was well flooded, but does that mean ‘over his head’?

But the dwarves will remember him on song, I’m sure. He may even warrant a stone statue. But the humans will no doubt forget his name as soon as they hear it.


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