Talons of War

The Nexus sealed, The vents flooded

A somber mood floods the darkness around the only light of the campfire. If only Bren could’ve found a way to lock the control panel, but Tusk had done well to disable its normal function. Kalad died a valiant death, but a death too soon to celebrate. More steam seems to be coming from the vents so our party has moved the horses away to a safe distance to camp. Since meeting Kalad: the party successfully navigated the outer vents (500xp), Killed some freaks and their sergeant (750xp), Got through the gauntlet (1000xp), Eliminated the Dark One Emissary and his cohorts. (1000xp), Took down a Cave Troll (750xp), and left the leader of the advanced patrol, Tusk to die in the flooding vents (1500xp). 5500/5= 1100xp each

Moradin follower thanks The Raven Queen

Kalad: Moradin be praised! Aye The Raven Queen so. A true miracle this alliance must be. I pledge my loyalty and service to those who came and avenged this atrocity. The orcs must be stopped. By my axe and the hammers of my allies may the will of Moradin be allied with The Raven Queen. To the vents and the Nexus below! Dare penance to any foe to stand in our way for they will be slain nonetheless.

Onyx Dog

As Bren examines the fallen dwarves he finds 3 ‘Augmenting Whetstones’. Ask examines the statue of a dwarf fighting a hydra and finds something the orcs missed, an miniature ‘Onyx Dog’ figurine hangs from the belt of the heroic dwarf sculpture. After scoring a DC 20 history check you know that ‘Dergan Fellfist’ killed the Hydra in single combat to become a legend decades ago.


Our party successfully navigates the mountain (400xp), only to find the monastery to be overrun by orcs. A battle is short in the courtyard (564xp) and the battle immediatey presses into the ‘Hall of Moradin’ (651xp). In the ‘Hall of Heroes’ we enounter a more forbidable force, but they succumb to hammer and blade (1064xp). [2680/4=670xp each]

Tragedy at the Monastary

Bren steps forward as he wipes the orc blood from his armor, “Keep your hammers high gents, we have more work to do here. Not one orc will survive this day who has dared step on these hollowed grounds.” He kneels down to check the body of a fallen dwarf. “I had hoped that we would find some survivors, but somehow these fiends got in. We need to find that entrance and seal it forever.”

Brindol Guard

“Did you hear about the last attack by The Red Hand of Doom?” “Yeah! I was out on patrol, but I heard that Sinruth sent some vandals in to stir up the town and cause some fear. I don’t buy it. Sinruth is just an oversized hobgoblin. I am sure we can take care of him and his minions.” “They kidnapped some townsfolk, but a rescue party has already been dispatched.” “Good thing those Dwarves and their friends happened to be coming through town at that time. They made quick work of the vandals, and the fires were put out before the smoke thickened.” “I heard those Dwarves follow the Raven Queen, and they are on their way to Overlook where a greater evil threat is imminent.” “Did the ugly Dwarf try and recruit you too?”

Hot time in the old town tonight

Our heroes rally the townsfolk and start to get bucket brigades going to put out the fires on any buildings that can be saved. Afterwards, they gather together after a long and hard night smelling of smoke and ash.

Bren says, “By Moradin’s Beard, where did these hobgoblins come from?? What sort of town lets them just stroll in and start burning the place down?! Orcs gathering to the North, and now this. And what of this “Hand” business they were yelling about? Anyone ever hear of a tribe with that name? Well regardless, they were pretty brazen to attack a town of this size. They could threaten the whole vale. I say we find where they camp and send the lot to the Raven Queen.”


“Well my friends, what next? The dragon is a fearsome foe and it will require all the luck in the world for us to defeat him as is. It is a shame we didn’t find any scrolls on that wizard. If we could shrink this armor down, we would have a better chance at it.”

“If we go back to town, we’d be bringing back a decent haul of riches. The chalice should fetch a good price, especially since we know someone was after it. Also, I think we could sell those drake eggs too. We may even find someone fool enough to join us. My fear though is that if we leave now, who knows what that dragon will have waiting for us if we return.”

“We could stay, and go thru the other door. Not sure what we will find there though. And I have to say I’m a bit concerned if that dragon decides to come looking for us. It had to get in that cave from somewhere, which means it can get back out again. Who is to say that we won’t meet up with it in another chamber thru the other door?”

“What do you want to do?”

From the dragon claw to the undead maw

Our heroes wisely ran away from Szarthizian. (xp 400) Only to find some forlorn undead in the officers quarters of this dungeon below the remains of Talon Pass Keep. After some horror the party was able to send the undead to a natural death. (xp 600) (250xp each)

Time to go home yet?

“Glory be to the Raven Queen. I was sure that wraith was going to raise me as an undead abomination. I don’t know what happened back there, but I could not seem to swing my hammer soundly. Perhaps that run in with the dragon has me more shook up than I thought. Speaking of that beast, I think I may have an idea on how to fight it if we choose to do so. Back when I was still in the temple training, goblins invaded the hold. We all went out to fight the little bastards and drive them off. Well a bunch of them were hunkered down in some ruins and we could barely see them, let alone shoot them. Well up strides this wizard and throws a fiery ball into the ruins. Then all was quiet. We went up and every last one of them was burnt to a cinders. He must have seen the disbelieving expression on my face because he turned to me and said, “sometimes magic doesn’t need to see a thing to affect a thing.” I think I saw Ask do something similar to that wizard…not as big though. But perhaps that can hit the dragon even though you can’t see him.”

[so looking thru the rules, area attacks ignore concealment. Ask’s new daily is an area attack. And due to its size, I think as long as you put the blast at least two or three spaces deep into the darkness, you’ll hit the thing. I admit its not great, but at least its better than needing 20’s]


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